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Another quality course, brilliant presentation and inspiring facilitator

Recovery Worker, leading substance misuse treatment service

Learned so much today on the boundaries and ethics course. I didn’t realise there was so much I didn’t know about establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. Great information and debates, learned from other group members and trainers. Thanks again!.

Keyworker, Open Access Drug Service

Boundaries & Ethics course

The past 2 days on the intermediate group skills course have really built my confidence! Best training I’ve been on in years.

Recovery Worker, Mental Health

Intermediate Group Work Skills course

I always knew that family could play a big part in recovery but didn’t know how I could support family members in supporting my clients or help them to find a ‘family’. I am so much more aware of social networks and how integral they are to sustained recovery than I was before.

Recovery Worker, Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service

Ashamed to say I was sending clients to AA and SMART without knowing what they could expect. I think all my colleagues should do the mutual aid and recovery course ASAP!

Keyworker, Drug and Alcohol Service

Mutual Aid & Recovery course

On the basic group work skills course I learnt a lot about what makes a group work well and how I can deliver one using my own strength. I will definitely be signing up for intermediate training.

Peer Mentor, Community Drug and Alcohol Service

Basic Group Work Skills course

I feel really knowledgeable and better equipped to support people having completed the relapse prevention and management course. Thanks!

Recovery Worker, Drug and Alcohol Service

Relapse Prevention & Management course

I never realised there was a difference between health and wellbeing. I will share my knowledge on how to connect, be active, take notice, learn and give with everyone I know!

Mental Health Nurse, Clinical Prescribing Service

A very informative and interesting couple of days on the recovery management course. I have a really clear understanding of how to work in a recovery-orientated way.

Criminal Justice Lead, Drug and Alcohol Service

Recovery Management course

I didn’t realise that you can be spiritual without being religious, or the effect that mindfulness can have. I’ve learned ways to be sensitive to my client’s beliefs to support them in their journey.

Outreach Worker

Working with Faith, Religion & Spirituality course

Best training course I’ve ever been on. I learned so much about how to use MI and feel much more confident with mapping. Would definitely recommend it!.

Nurse Practitioner, Drug and Alcohol Service

Mi-Mapping course

I always knew I could help other people who’ve been through the same thing but didn’t have any qualifications. Now I’m a confident, accredited Recovery Coach and can’t wait to ‘model recovery’ and support others. Thank you so much for this great course!!

Volunteer, Drug and Alcohol Service

Recovery Coaching course