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about us

Emerging Horizons provides specialist training, coaching and consultancy services for health and social care professionals in the public and voluntary sectors.

We have a proven track record in the development and delivery of innovative approaches to recovery from addictions and mental ill health.

We support organisations to develop systems and resources that build capacity and capability and we equip individuals with the intellectual and emotional skills to support others to achieve improved wellbeing and freedom from dependence.

Our dynamic team is committed to driving forward quality in recovery and we are passionate about supporting individuals to develop their skills and expertise so they can achieve the best possible outcomes for those they work with.

passionate about recovery

We believe that everyone has the potential to grow and learn and achieve the best they can in everything they do.

We know it takes courage and commitment to change, which is why we have a passion statement, rather than a mission statement.

Passionate people are:

  • brave enough to say when something isn’t good enough
  • humble enough to accept and learn from criticism
  • willing to take responsibility for making things better
  • creative and daring enough to innovate
  • determined to persist when things get tough

Above all, being passionate means having the desire to nurture, facilitate and empower others to reach out with hope to their emerging horizons. We want to inspire you and those you work with to pursue your life goals with passion and vigour.

together, the passionate ones will make a difference!

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